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Arriving at the Airport

Click here for more information about arriving at the airport. Click here for a list of taxi rate estimates from various cities in the Metro Area to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.You have two options for taxi service at the airport; the “first come first serve” taxi line where you will be shuttled by the next available taxi from any of the 40 taxi companies that service the airport, all with varying degrees of service and quality. Or, you can arrange a taxi of your choice to meet you at the “PRE-ARRANGED TAXI’S” door (located immediately across the hallway from the TAXI’s door). Because of all the variables involving your arrival time, you must order your Airport Taxi upon arrival.To set up a PRE-ARRANGED TAXI, call 612-721-0000 or 1-800-464-0555 from the baggage claim area after collecting your luggage. (Pay phones are located near the exit door located directly across from Baggage Claim 6.). Our operator will immediate distribute your order to one of our cars that is sitting a holding lot just outside the Airport grounds and give you a car number to look for at the PRE-ARRANGED TAXIS door.

Follow the signs to the Ground Transportation/Pre-Arranged Taxi Area. It is about a 3 minute walk. If you are unfamiliar with the Lindberg Terminal, please note that you will need to go down the escalators, through an atrium, and then back up the escalators towards the GREEN parking ramp/Taxi area. As you make your way up the escalator, you will notice the sign for PREARRANGED TAXIS and LIMOSUINE SERVICE directly in front of you.

Your taxi will be waiting for you outside this door, or arrive in just a minute or two. Look for a maroon taxi with white lettering. The cab # will be located on the hood of the taxi.

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